Property Sourcing

How It Works

Dunnell Estates works with property investors up and down the UK to ensure their money is working as hard for them as possible through a combination of bespoke property sourcing and project management services.

Founded in 2020 by Jake & Kimberley Dunnell, initially as an SPV for their own investment portfolio, Jake and Kim soon found themselves coming across a number of fantastic deals they were unable to finance themselves. So, they decided to package them up and sell them on to investors they knew who were looking to buy in their area. This soon evolved into managing their refurbs, financing the deals, handling the conveyancing process from start to finish on behalf of the buyer and even providing guaranteed rent schemes to those buyers who wanted a more hand-off approach.

Over the past year, Dunnell Estates has grown to become what it is today, providing a full range of deal sourcing, project management and letting services to its investors.

If you’d like to work alongside Dunnell Estates as one of our investors, all you need to do is follow our simple onboarding process:

  1. Jump on a quick call with one of our team so that we can narrow down your investment criteria.
  2. Sign our sourcing agreement and provide us with ID and proof of funds, all of which legally permit us to approach vendors on your behalf.

Once we’ve received all of the required documents, we’ll immediately start hunting for your perfect investment and will inform you once we’ve find properties that fit your criteria. If you’re happy with us to go ahead with an offer, we’ll handle the rest of the transaction all the way up to completion, in addition to providing any required project management services as well as facilitating your desired exit strategy.

We handle the numbers from start to finish down to the penny, ensuring a profitable property investment.

We accommodate a myriad of creative investment strategies, overseeing the process from start to finish with the aim of maximising profitability.

Once we’ve sourced your perfect property deal, we’ll offer to oversee any refurbishment work required, as well as help with the legal and financial side if you decide to sell or refinance.

Want to get involved?

Work With Us

When you invest in property, you want to feel secure that your investment is the right one, according to your goals and desired exit strategy.

Investing in property is risky enough, so if you’ve got any doubts, it’s worth getting advice from the experts before jumping in.

We’re always open to working with new investors who are looking to expand their portfolios. Reach out to us if you’d like to have a chat with one of our team.