Guaranteed Rent & Property Sourcing

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Guaranteed Rent &

Property Sourcing

Property Sourcing

Property Sourcing

When you invest in property, you want to know that your money is working as hard as it possibly can for you across all relevant areas. That’s why, here at Dunnell Estates, we work tirelessly to guarantee our investors the very best in:

  • Monthly cash-flow
  • Capital appreciation
  • Rental demand
  • High-quality & long-term tenancies
  • Profitable mortgage rates for leveraged purchases
  • Creative investment strategies
  • Hands-off project management

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Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent

Property management can be tiresome, especially for landlords who have managed their own portfolio by themselves.

Having to plan for void periods, pay for maintenance costs, handle complaints from tenants and maintain your property’s condition can sometimes feel slightly overwhelming, particularly when dragged out over a number of years or even decades.

That’s why we offer a guaranteed rent service, both to landlords who have worked with our property sourcing team and landlords who might not be interested in our property sourcing service right now, but would still like us to manage the properties in their existing portfolio.

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Guaranteed rent & property deal sourcing based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Working closely with property investors across the UK to reduce their workload and maximise their financial returns.

Guaranteed Rent

Assured rental income – low risk, zero hassle.

Property Sourcing

Whether for cash flow or capital growth, we'll help you choose the right investment.

Property Refurbishment

Arranging for properties to be refurbished to the highest standard.

Project Management

Doing the full scope of work on your behalf.

Why source properties through Dunnell Estates?

Working with us as an investor means you’re in complete control of your investment from start to finish.

You pick the location, type of investment, desired area and specify your budget, and we do the rest.

We take the uncertainty and the hassle away, leaving you to enjoy your life knowing your money is working hard. This means we handle the lettings, contractors, solicitorsbrokers, all from within our trusted network of professionals.

Why invest in Manchester and the North West?

Continued investment in regeneration, infrastructure and business growth make Manchester and other areas in the North West a great place for property investors.

With an average capital growth in Manchester and its neighbouring boroughs alone of 23% over the last 5 years, prosperity is set to spread as the Northern Powerhouse thrives with investment from the UK and overseas seeing no sign of slowing down. Now is the best time to invest here.

Investor Feedback


We’re incredibly proud to have facilitated the growth of our investors’ wealth while reducing their workload throughout the years.

Happy Clients
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Simuras M. Property Investor

Brilliant service. These guys are fantastic and hold your hand throughout the entire process. I'm confident that my money is exactly where it should be, and that peace of mind is absolutely priceless.

James B. Portfolio Landlord

I'd fully recommend Dunnell Estates to any landlords looking for a guaranteed rent service. They took all the hassle off my shoulders and I see a steady, consistent and profitable rental payment from them every month.

Umar S. Foreign National Property Investor

Not only did Dunnell Estates source a great property for me, but they were also very helpful when it came to ensuring and providing a guaranteed rental income on that property. Whenever I look to expand my portfolio in the UK, I contact these guys for the best property deals and the best service.

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