Guaranteed Rent

How It Works

Guaranteed rent has been gaining popularity in recent years, despite the many misunderstandings which surround it. At its heart, guaranteed rent is simply a solution to the many headaches that long-time portfolio landlords have to deal with as a consequence of their profession, such as planning for void periods, paying for maintenance costs, handling complaints from those tenants and maintaining the condition of their property over the years.

Add to this the lack of assurance that a tenant will treat their property with respect pay their rent on time, or even pay it at all, and it’s no wonder why landlords are outsourcing the management of their properties to guaranteed rent companies which offer to pay them a monthly rent which, while being secure, convenient and low-hassle, is also profitable and mitigates most, if not all, of the risks that are typically associated with being a portfolio landlord.

The way it works is the guaranteed rent company will offer to manage a landlord’s property and pay that landlord a fee for doing so. The guaranteed rent company takes on all of the responsibilities associated with running the property, such as filling the rooms, dealing with tenants, paying the utilities and maintaining the property’s upkeep. All the landlord has to do is continue to settle any payments associated with any mortgages that are on the property in their name and collect their monthly rental payments from the guaranteed rent company. It’s that simple!

Not only does guaranteed rent provide a solution to landlords’ problems, but also to those of tenants who may have had bad experiences in the past with absent or dismissive landlords, many of whom may have simply been too snowed under with the workload from their other properties to provide a swift response to their tenants’ concerns.

In short, through acting as the acting manager for a landlords’ properties, guaranteed rent companies provide a win-win for tenants and landlords, being on all at all times for tenants in need, and allowing landlords to breath easy, knowing their properties are being well taken care of and that they are being paid like clockwork every month for a pre-agreed period of time.

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Our Happy Tenants

Jessica B. Tenant

I approached Jake just before moving to Manchester as I knew he would be able to arrange some accommodation for me. Although I had been recommended to use Dunnell Estates by a friend, I was still pleasantly surprised with the quality of the room, the building and the location, particularly at the price I was paying. Jake and his team were always on hand to help with any issues I had, which were very few. Overall a great experience as a tenant, and I've had quite a few in my time so my range of references is quite broad! Would definitely recommend. Thanks!

Rachael M. Tenant

Dunnell Estates provided me with an excellent room at incredibly short notice. They were constantly on hand to answer any questions I had over WhatsApp and the room was in immaculate condition. Would highly recommend.

David E. Tenant

Great service, great accommodation. Highly doubt I would have been able to find a similar space with an estate agent. I would recommend Dunnell Estates to any tenant looking for a hands-on landlord at a reasonable rate. Brill service, thanks!

Our guaranteed rent scheme ensures our investors receive a profitable rental income, no matter the circumstances.

Our guaranteed rent team are highly experienced property managers, providing the highest quality service to landlords and tenants.

Our guaranteed rent scheme takes away all of the hassle associated with property management, combining a completely hands-free process with consistent and profitable rental returns.

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When you employ a property manager, you want to ensure that all of the boxes are ticked so that you can breathe easy, knowing your asset is being looked after.

That’s why we cut out all the guesswork and are utterly transparent with the service we provide to our landlords and our tenants. 

We’re always open to working with new landlords who are looking to put their properties in capable hands. Reach out to us if you’d like to have a chat with one of our team.